Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The New Year

Well, I think things have finally settled down around here after our Christmas activities. The golden retriever is back home and recovering. The tree is down and the grandchildren are back in school. I signed a contract for some new work that should keep me busy throughout most of the year. That's really a good thing given these economic times. I feel lucky.

Today we have our youngest granddaughter while Mom and Dad are both working. It will be a long day since both M & D have things to do after work. But that's okay. We can handle one child without much trouble. We double-team her. It gets a little more hectic when we have her older sister also, but that only occurs when school is not in session. By the end of the day with two kids here, I am ready for them to go home. Raising children is definitely for the young.

I hope everyone's new year is starting off well.


  1. ...I'm glad the dog is well enough to be home.

    ....yes, children are for the YOUNGER FOLKS...

    But little ones are adorable.

    Great about all the work your way...

  2. Happy to hear the dog is well on her way to recovery. Good luck with the ankle biter.