Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Future Is Here

Things have calmed down around here. The dog is on the mend. Stitches come out later this week. The granddaughter's MRI came out well; no complications. Next, she will be fitted for a brace. We only babysit one day this week, so things should be quiet around here and I can get some work done.

Our weather has been crazy for the last few days. While most of the country is freezing with unusually low temperatures, we have been have daily highs in the 80's. It seems like spring or a cool summer day. Things are cooling down a little this week, but they are still predicting temperatures in the 70's. Such is life in Southern California. Please do hate me!

This is a historic week - a new president. He is facing immense problems. In order to be a great president, you have to be willing to face the big problems. I think Obama is up to the challenge, but only time will tell. I wish him luck. He has to dig us out of a big hole. Thanks George! A failed economy, two ongoing wars (really one occupation and I am not sure what to call Afghanistan), the disgrace of torture, a justice department politicized, an intelligence department in disarray, ... The list goes on and on.

I read the following quote on Alecto's Ophela:

"Don’t tell people what they want to hear. Tell them what they need to hear. Tell the truth."

Truth is important in our daily lives. Truth holds relationships together. Let's hope the new administration uses truth to hold the country together. Without it, we are truly lost.


  1. Hugs about your grand daughter..MRI

    Yay about the dog mending well. :)

    I'm jealous of your weather.. it was too cold here. HOrrific.. but I canceled so much work and hibernated.

    Obama is the best man for the job.. but it'll take time.. (i hope people know this and don't turn on him)

  2. 70 is a cool down?! I'm so jealous, but very happy read all is going well.

    Let's hope we hear and see nothing but the truth the next four years.

  3. Being here yesterday was so freaking cool, even if it was on my couch. I wasn't brave enough to stand on the Mall in the freezing cold for 6 hours like so many of my neighbors... but I wanted to SEE him give his speech. And give it he did...

    Glad everyone's doing better!