Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Child and Dog

My granddaughter E is over today. E is 3 years old and takes a nap in the afternoon. Naps are good. They give me a break and I am able to get some work done.

My German shepherd loves E. She follows her everywhere around the house. If E is in the living room, so is GS. If E is in the dining room, so is GS. The only place that GS does not follow E is into the bedroom for nap time. GS knows she is not allowed in the bedroom at nap time.

So, she does the next best thing. She lays at the bottom of the stairs going up to the bedroom. She lays there all through the nap, with an occasional bathroom break outside. She lays there until she hears E wake up. E calls down to me. "Grandpa, I wake up!" Then GS bounds up the stairs, as only an excited German shepherd can bound, and into the room. She sits next to the crib and starts whining until I get E out of it.

It is fun watching the friendship between child and dog.


  1. How totally totally sweet........... I have a big wide S*M*I*L*E on my face.

    You are a great grandfather.. a very good man.

  2. We have an old family video where I'm about 3... my mother's just given birth to my little sister, and I'm lying in the hospital bed with my mom, staring into space. My parents keep talking to me, and finally get my attention. I promptly turn to the camera, smile, and say, "I SPACED OUT!!!"

    Ah, kids.