Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Am Shocked

Because I am self-employed, I have private health insurance. Each year about this time, the monthly premium is "adjusted", which usually means increased. Given the meteoric rise in health care costs and given that I have had some minor heart issues the past couple of years, I have been expecting the worst, but hoping for something better than the worst. The worst - health insurance canceled. Better than the worst - health insurance not canceled.

Today I got the letter from the insurance company. First of all, my insurance was not canceled. {Doing a little dance} Second of all, and this is why I am shocked, my monthly premium actually went down. Yes, DOWN. Not by much, but down by about 6%.

Holy shit! (Excuse me!) There may be help for us yet. And then again, tomorrow may bring another letter saying "oops, we made a mistake."

Time will tell, but right now I am happy!


  1. Hot damn! Bust out the champagne! That calls for a celebration.

  2. YAY............ yippee.............. !!!!!

    Please take good care of your heart... and yes, your mouth. Gum problems can cause many internal health issues I heard.

    Get to the dentist and just be happy you can afford it. :)

    You are a nice man..

  3. That is amazing news, you might want to frame that letter.

  4. Congrats!!! I have gum problems as well- thank goodness for insurance. It truly is a life saver.