Sunday, December 21, 2008

Why Isn't This Guy In Jail?

Dick Cheney when asked by Chris Wallace if it's legal when the president makes a decision to help the country when it's fighting a war, Cheney said, "As a general proposition, I'd say yes."



Following that to its logical conclusion, we could have the following scenario:
  1. The president starts a war.
  2. The president declares himself king/dictator.
  3. President disbands Congress.
  4. President does anything he wants.
According to Cheney, this is legal. As long as we are "at war", the president can do anything he wants to and it is legal.

Thank God we are only one month away from a new administration.


  1. Even though it is only a month, it could be the most hellatious month in the entire 8 years of this administration. Let's hope for some silver lining!

  2. According to the most recent Time Magazine, Bush's rating is lower than Nixon's was.

    Bush is the new Nixon! I am just waiting for him to say "I am not a crook!" or maybe "I am not a war criminal!"

  3. I don't have to watch the news.. i can read blogs and get the whole jest of what is going on.

    My adult children might drive me 'batty' at times... BUT THEY are Democrats... so I did something right. (not prejudice; not against gay marriages; ).

    The area of N.Y.C. I live in was the only borough that voted mainly for mcCain (yikes!!). --such wonderful folks; giving; caring; supportive people on this island...and the voted mainly Mccain.. (scary to think I'm living amongst Republicans).(my friends are mainly democratic of course.)