Thursday, December 4, 2008

What Is Happening?!?

I was listening to the evening news tonight while eating dinner.

First there was a report of a woman being hit by two cars and a description of "body parts" spread on the highway. Then there was a report about a lady that dragged her dog behind her truck (she may not have been aware that the dog had fallen out of the truck bed) complete with blood stains on the street. She was on her way to have him euthanized. Then there was the kid that was chained and beaten. Then the cholera epidemic in Zimbabwi. The attacks in India. On and on it went!

What is wrong with the world?

Sometimes I am glad that I am old.


  1. Yikes! As sad as it is, the story about the dog is kind of funny in a Chevy Chase/suicide kind of way.

  2. .......I think the people in the news should spend EQUAL time (if not more) focusing on Good Things. They like the Sensational stories.. the SHOCK VALUE ones..but everyone is getting desensitize(which is a shame too)

  3. I think the proliferation of internet sites has forced tv news to try and drum up viewers through sensationalism and sadly good deeds don't seem to have that wow factor to many.

  4. I agree that there is more sensationalism in the TV news these days.

    There also seems to be more "crazies" around also. A friend says the "more crazies" goes back to Reagan and his original cutbacks on mental health care. People with problems who would have been housed and treated are now out on the streets and spawning new "crazies".

  5. LOL... more crazies going around... LOL. (thanks for the chuckle). Gosh did I use the word, 'chuckle'???

    I use the oddest words when I write that I would NEVER use in my everyday life.. ...

    I must be one of the crazies.. lol.

    Seriously... it seems the so-called intelligent normal folks are too practical and will have less children; than the ones that really are a bit OFF in their Judgment who have too many (just an opinion;not stating any truth or fact to that statement).

    You know it is like Charlie Darwin "Survival of the Fittest"... something inside of me makes it easier for me to earn an income; work; be organized; self-sufficient as a single mom........... now that theory of Survival of the Fittest state the best genes will get passed on; and the weaker ones will dwindle out.......

    Now that is NOT true as much anymore... those with the crazy genes get to survive more easily with free rents; social programs, etc, and therefore get to pass their crazy genes on...and they pass them on at a younger age; which exponentially make their breeding years more greater than the emotionally and financially and stable intelligent folks who wait until they are older and have fewer children.

    BTW I am not a Republican; I'm a Democrat.(a bleeding heart liberal)...............I believe in social programs and helping others... (and don't know what the answer is to have less crazy folks around.).. just replying to your statement there are more crazies around.

    Maybe more Mental Health programs as you stated was taken away... should be added back..

  6. that long rambling statement was from me.. BettyAnn (lol).