Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Saga Continues

A few days ago I wrote about hitting something on the freeway going about 70 mph. Nothing bad happened at the time, and I was able to drive home without further incident.

The next morning I decided to look the car over. While I was able to drive home without a problem, the car did "feel" different and the steering wheel was cocked to one side. Nothing was loose or hanging down under the car. However, upon closer examination I noticed a bubble on the side of the right rear tire. Not a good sign. Obviously the tire had been damaged.

I have needed new tires for a while. Being a great procrastinator, I have put off getting a new set. The time had come. Actually forced upon me, since the right rear tire now was not safe to drive on, at least , not safe to drive very far on. So, I was off to Costco and 600+ dollars later I was the proud owner of a brand new set of tires, with the recommendation that I get an alignment.

So, off the the auto shop I went, asked for an alignment, and said "check the suspension. I hit something on the freeway." They came back and said, "yes. You certainly hit something on the freeway. You bent a bunch of crap on your right rear suspension. But never fear. We will give you a rental car while we fix your car."

So off I go in the rental car after signing away a significant portion of my credit card available credit. Rear suspension parts and labor do not come cheap.

The next day I am taking my grandson in the rental car to school for his math final. We get about three blocks away for the school and I notice that the rental car is starting to overheat. OH GREAT!!! Grandson begins to freak out. "I'm going to be late for my final". I say "Don't worry. I will keep driving to car until we get to school." Grandson gets dropped off and I call the rental car office.

After several calls between the rental car office, their central rode side service office, and AAA, a tow truck shows up and arrangements have been made to change out the rental car at the "closest" rental car office. The tow truck operator looks at the engine and says someone left the radiator cap loose and all the water has evaporated. He goes up to the house I am stopped in front of and grabs their hose and fills up the radiator. He tells me to go ahead and drive to the rental car office. There is no need to tow the car. Fortunately he is right. I was able to drive to the rental car office without further problems and get a new rental car (actually a truck, this time).

When I got home, the repair shop called and said that my car was ready. I quickly (actually one and a half hours because the freeway was jammed) drove over there and picked up my car.

So now, almost $2000 later, I have a new set of tires and a new rear suspension.

Lucky me!

How has your week been?


  1. Holy cats! Definitely not fun. Does insurance cover hitting random things on the highway? Usually works for deer, I have never thought about other things -- it isn't like it is your fault!

    I hope things start to brighten up. Nothing like having a your car whipped up to almost brand new condition!

  2. LMAO...

    Yeah... LOVE those weeks too!

    Dishwasher broke... something to do (possibly) with the pipes freezing, a piece of ice breaking off and breaking one of the plastic joints where the water goes in... found out by water leaking through the floor into the basement... warrenty expired 3 weeks BEFORE this happened... bought a new warrenty for $220, in hopes that the f@#$ing thing is just broke so I can get a new one for my 220 bucks....

    Theres a rattle in my right rear tire... don't know what it is but it sounds metal in nature and probably needs immediate attention. I tried taking it in one day but wouldn't you know it, as soon as the tech went for a drive with me, it OF COURSE stopped rattling... now it's rattling again, and I'm sure it won't be cheap, I'm just procrastinating (kind of like you did)...

    The windshield cracked last year (for NO REASON, it just split one day straight across the bottom??) This year, it's spread all the way across and up, straight through my line of vision!

    And NOW, all four doors won't shut unless I screw with the locks and jimmy the latch... we first thought it was water in the one door, but FOUR doors??? AT THE SAME TIME???? aaaarrrggghhh....

    Good thing we cut back at christmas this year but I'm still freakin' broke, or WILL be once I take the dang car in!!!

    I'll bet I'll be feelin' like you.... $2000 later... I'll let ya know (maybe in january though... if it makes it that long!!!)

  3. Wow...........$2000 .. but necessary.

    I'm glad I don't have to drive in the part of NYC I live.

    What a week you had.........but everyone is safe and that is the most important thing.. (and be glad you had the $$$ to be able to do all these things).

    I spent 3000 on a new furnace.......and said it is NO fun being a Grown up and having to spend on necessities.. rather have took my son on a Trip.. instead.. but the furnace was old.........and so the money went to a better MATURE decision.

    Next week will be better for you......... and you got your grandson to his test... and that was cool... bettyann

  4. Thank goodness for metro! I spend about $45 a month on transportation and that includes a few splurges for the occassional cab ride.