Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Till Death Due Us Part

My daughter-in-law's father is dying.

He has smoked himself to death. His lungs only partially work. He may or may not have cancer. He is on a lot of oxygen.

He has a couple of good days. He knows what is going on. Then he has a bad day and is drugged and restrained. Then it takes another day or two to get over the drugs. The cycle repeats.

This is no way to live, or to die; neither for him nor for her. It is a slow death for both of them.

But for the grace of god, go I (or is it me?).


  1. That is so sad. I am sorry for her, for him, for you and the rest of the family for having to go through this.

  2. You can add my sympathy to Sarah's.

    I quit smoking over seven years ago, and it's the best thing I ever did (for me and my family), but it was a tough row to hoe.

  3. Tough thing to watch someone go through. It should make anyone who sees it never smoke again, though.
    But I once knew a man dying of the same thing, and sneaking around smoking cigs while attatched to his oxygen tank! I know how hard it is to quit smoking, which is why I'll never start again unless I'm sure I'm ready to die for it.
    On the other hand, my grandmother died of Lung Cancer without ever smoking a cig in her life...