Saturday, November 8, 2008

Books Are Heavy

I have been reminded again why I will never move from this house.

I spent today packing about 50 boxes of books and moving them to our storage unit. Sometime next week the carpet guys will be coming in to install our new carpeting. This should be the end of it for this year. We have had the inside and outside of the house painted, new front windows, new patio door (12 feet of door and windows), and new carpeting.

My wife has a VERY extensive cookbook collection. They all had to be packed and moved so that the carpet guys can move the bookcase cabinets to install the carpet. My wife is a collector. There are lots of other stuff that she is packing because again the furniture that they are stored in have to be moved and they are too heavy with all the stuff in them. I am only allowed to handle to books. They are unbreakable. This is really a pain; quite literally. I now have a sore back and knee. Well, the knee was already sore so I can't really blame all this moving stuff.

Anyway, as it started out, if we were actually to move, the packing would kill me. The only way I would do it is have someone come in and do all the packing for us. It would cost a fortune, but I am never going to do it myself.

Enough complaining. Time to fire up the TiVo and watch some football. With the 30 second skip, I can go from play to play and watch a whole game in about an hour and a half. Love the TiVo.


  1. I agree with you, i'll never move myself again it's too much work.

  2. Remember you only have ONE back... better to spend the $$$ on getting someone to do the heavy moving of books or anything. Or pack them in even smaller boxes. ((hug)).

    It sounds like the house is really be done nicely. Everything freshly painted; and new carpets... I love a clean home.

    You are indeed a LUCKY man if you wife loves to cook..

    Last night I went out to dinner to a Ukrainian Restaurant (with a friend; after a boring computer coffee date)since I'm 1/8th Ukraine and never dine in one or partake in eating that type of food. It was REAL FUN.

    I LOVE food. lol (that I started to exercise each day now so I can stay thin and still EAT)