Saturday, November 15, 2008


Today is new carpet day.

I can't believe all the crap that has collected under our carpeting over the last 10 years or so. Maybe 15. And to think that the grandchildren have been crawling around on it. UGH!

Also, as a final farewell, one of the dogs peed in the middle of the living room carpet about 2 hours before they pulled it up.

A fitting end for the old carpet -- piss on it!


  1. lol.....just hope the dog doesn't do that to the new carpet.. if he has a habit of that.

    I must admit I love dogs; but the dog my ex gave my son kept doing that; and did not break that cycle.. I'm glad I made my ex take it back; and my 12 year old sees the dog all weekend there each weekend anyway. Actually he loves not having to take care of it all week before and after school.... I knew that was going to happen when my ex showed up with the puppy a few years ago......after 3 years I decided it was never my responsibility; and I waited 6 months to see if my son would go back to taking care of it and kept neglecting it.

    You have to be old enough to have a dog and take care of it.......not as a gift because of a divorce. lol.

    Enjoy the new carpet.

  2. that was me.. BettyAnn .. but came up as anonymous..

    Do you really read my looooong ramblings....of unconsciousness... LOL..

  3. The dog must have wanted to weigh in on what he thought of the carpet for all those years.

  4. @BettyAnn - Yes I really do read your ramblings. I find them honest and interesting.

    @mnwhr - LOL, maybe so.