Sunday, November 30, 2008

Some Things Are Just Wrong

As I was perusing my way down the beer aisle yesterday, I came upon this:

I'm sorry. Beer, tomato juice, and clam juice do not belong together. And the fact that they put it together in a can is even worse. But the real shame of the whole thing is that people acutally buy it!



  1. ........I'm not a beer drinker... but yikes......this sounds YUCKY..

    But guess what?? ... they say it is good for your brain to try new things and be flexible.... lol..keeps your brain YOUNG.. (well right now I'm watch a PBS show on Brains). (exercise is #1 to cure mainly problems than medication for moods.. I knew that anyway; when every I exercise I feel more positive)

    Imagine if you tried it and did like it...

    I dare you...

  2. I like beer. I like clams. I like tomato juice. I like to drink beer when I eat clams. Note, I said EAT clams, not DRINK clams. While daring me will get me to do many things, it is not going to work this time.

    You try it first, and let me know what it is like.

  3. lol..

    no thanks. I don't like beer. (only Cosmopolitans)..mainly due to the shape of the glass. :)

  4. Please tell me thats a gag gift, please.

  5. Betty Ann,
    Maybe you should try beer in a martini glass.

    Oh, it a GAG alright, just not the gift part!

  6. My dad is fond of Bloody Marys (myself, I can't stand them). Occasionally he'll drink a beer-and-tomato juice concoction instead.

    In other words, it's not a gag gift.

  7. JC - that's hilarious! Makes me cringe just looking at it but it is funny.