Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Confession Time

It is time for a confession.

I watch Dancing With The Stars.

And I enjoy it. There is a reason that athletes do well on the program. It is actually very physically demanding and requires a great degree of coordination and gracefulness.

Plus the ladies' costumes are hot -- except for Cloris (and she is finally gone)!


  1. We all have our guilty pleasures. ;)

    I don't watch much tv myself, but when I do, I tend to watch the ones that shall go unnamed. I guess I will admit to watching Dr. Phil today on my day off. Hehehe

  2. That's too funny...

    Don't sweat it though, as sarah said we all have our addictions.. I just went through a phase when I watched REALLY bad reality shows on MTV. (Most of the time it was for sheer laughter but oh well, it served it's purpose)

    I bet I would like that show if I ever had the time to watch it... I used to dance... and it's a GREAT workout!

  3. ....lol.......I watched it when Paul McCarthy ex-wife was on it.. I was curious how she would dance with one real leg. She did great.. even attemping a back bend.. and she is in her 30s..

    I love the show............Pushing Up Daisies... I think because of the COLORS of the scenes.. very pretend like... and different. I watch via the computer... ABC.Com when I have time.. at night I let my 12 year old have the t.v. for sports... and now that I'm renting downstairs; I kept those 2 t.v.s downstairs for the tenant.

    I prefer being together with my 12 year old and not in separate rooms watching separate shows.. he can watch t.v. while I do work on my laptop or read..

    or read blogs... lol.

  4. Yet again, one more bit of evidence of your absolute fabulousness! (of course you do; that's awesome)

    (and I don't, for the record, but I don't watch much of anything. I am utterly delighted that you do)

  5. Thank you Everyone for the support. I don't feel quite like such a doofus any more.

  6. Yeah, Warren Sapp's ability to move at his size is amazing to watch.

  7. Jerry, who doesn't watch the occassional episode of Dancing with the Stars? Don't worry we won't think you're any less of a man. :)