Friday, October 21, 2011

What Will YOU Pay Under 9-9-9?

Here is an interesting chart that I picked up over at Campaign for America's Future.  Where are you on the chart?  Click to expand.  If you have trouble reading the chart, go to the link above.


  1. Excellent chart. I had to link to the original article to see it because just clicking on your image didn't work but it's well worth the jump.

  2. L.P. is right, that's an excellent post and the graph is an eye opener. I'll leave the same comment here I left there:

    This graph proves how costly keeping things simple could be for most of a public that's too often and too easily distracted or swayed by deliberately misleading propaganda when public policy is being decided. Everyone needs to pay attention and do their homework when politicians and others propose "keep it simple" schemes that look too good to be true. That's because those schemes have a way of actually being too good to be true.

  3. This graph did not open my eyes. It made me squint.

    Cain's plan is obviously regressive and sick, and I don't how sick really matters so much.