Thursday, October 27, 2011

Progressives On The Move

Seven bold House candidates took the fight for the 99% directly to Speaker John Boehner's office. CNN, MSNBC, and others covered it.



  1. Not to appear cynical...or jaded (ahem), but my guess is those signatures went straight to the shit can via the twit who took them. Just a guess.

  2. It's not to be sneezed at, though. We have to start somewhere and every little baby step, seemingly insignificant at first, can soon turn into an army of occupiers.

  3. This is excellent. I'm glad CNN and MSNBC broadcast it. No doubt the unread petitions got shitcanned immediately. But this kind of public event needs to be done over and over. Hopefully more people will start seeing that the "People's House" has thrown The People under the bus.

  4. Oh, I sneezed Leslie, and would again.

  5. Oh I don't argue with the need to put it forth. It's just that at my age, the rhetoric from the right is getting a bit wearying. The clerk/whatever was giving the spiel..."we're a working office...blah, blah, blah." She was totally not interested in what they were saying...nor was she listening. Boehner probably wasn't even there...somewhere having a cocktail after a hard day of accepting PAC dough.

  6. TN's Republican governor bowed to the corporations and put an unheard of curfew on Legislative Plaza to stifle Occupy Nashville's efforts. When they were arrested, the magistrate threw out the charges, saying it was unconstitutional. In the meantime, two local right-wingers, a state senator and a blogger, have come out in support of ON. Bit by bit and every little bit helps.

    Here's a link to a HuffPo article which in turn has a link to a web site called Occupy the Boardroom. Every little bit . . .,b=facebook

    Jaded: I'm not sure the publicity from the media wasn't worth its weight in gold.

  7. Good strategy. Distract, distract,distract, from the failed policies of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid . Shift the blame. The last 3 years of Obama's failures never happened.

    It's almost like Bush is still in charge. Repeat after me, " the last 3 years of Obama did not happen " .

  8. "Witless"? What an appropriate moniker.

  9. From a Fox News contributor, no less. "President Obama is going to win in 2012."

    People also like to vote for someone who keeps promises. President Obama has certainly done that. He said he would enact health care and he did. By 2014, we will all have access to health care."

    Read more:

  10. witless,
    I guess you have been asleep for the last 3 years. Here is a list of his far. There are more to come.

  11. Jerry Critter,

    I loved the part where it would have been worse except for our policies. Well heck, every President back to Herbert Hoover could say that .

    Like created or saved jobs. Can't prove it, can't disprove it. Or as old Ben Franklin said, " The learned fool writes nonsense in better language that the unlearned - but it's still nonsense."

  12. Jerry, it would appear that Witless would be in the unlearned fool category.


    Foolish; stupid.
    To such an extent that one cannot think clearly or rationally.

  13. Re: the 12 candidates. Good.For.Them.

    Dems overall have been short on chutzpah for some time. Things like this raise hopes.

  14. jadedj,

    If you were well read, you might recognize where the name witless came from and what it's true meaning is. Here is a clue. Read the English classic Ivanhoe. No don't bother. It is a very thick and difficult book, so see the movie.

  15. Good to see Dems getting behind this movement.

    Whether or not one has read Ivanhoe makes no difference. To find a definition for "witless", the only book one needs to read is the dictionary. 8-)

  16. Wittyless, I'm not at all surprised that Ivanhoe is your favorite book. A romanticized "historical" work of fiction which takes place in medieval Britain. An era of serfs, subservient women and a macho warrior class hellbent on killing Muslims and one another. A right wing wet dream.

    As to the screen name, which you have given yourself, I stand by what I posted and second Snave's observation.

  17. jadedj ,

    " I'm not at all surprised that Ivanhoe is your favorite book. "

    Where did you get that Ivanhoe is my favorite book ? And you quite obviously have not any of the English classics. I thought you Liberals were supposed to be educated ?

    I bet that if I had used a pen name from Das Kaspital, you and Snave would have picked right up on that.

    What kind of a name is Snave anyway ?