Sunday, October 16, 2011

Republican Jobs Bill


  1. Obama's jobs bill is a tax bill. Son of stimulus, because stimulus did not work . Class warfare always fails. Obama's Socialism has failed . Green jobs for Obama's billionaire friends has failed.

    Don't blame Republicans for refusing to spend good money after bad .

  2. "...refusing to spend good money after bad."

    So, spending money on our infrastructure is bad, is that what you are saying, witless?

  3. The only thing wrong with Obama's jobs bill is that, like the first one, it would spend too little to stimulate demand.

    Class warfare is a howling success. Look at the wealth distribution, record-high poverty rate, shrunken labor movement, high unemployment; decimated state, federal and local budgets; high brankruptcy and small-business failure rates; and our crumbling infrastructure.

    The only time Republicans saw a war they didn't like was when Obama sent support forces for the Libya intervention, and that was because it was Obama's idea. Four trillion dollars for the war in Afghanistan and the completely unnecessary Iraq war, and the only thing that could make Republicans happier would be if we were to blow another $4 trillion on a war with Iran.

    witless, you need a new moniker: mindless.

  4. yup, that's why witless is a dimwit. All teabaggers are witless.

  5. More tax cuts for the rich, and getting rid of those damn environmental regulations -- that's what we need to do to create jobs.

    If we allow fracking and mining and drilling in every square inch of the country, and send those icky endangered species' to Kingdom Come -- billions of new jobs will be created and America will be Number One again!

  6. Sue,

    Anyone who does not believe in socialism is a dimwit? Obama's first stimulus was a lie, just like the CLASS act. The money did not go to shovel ready jobs. Why do you think it would go there now ? Stimulus, excuse me ' jobs bills ' are just slush funds for Obama to send money to his billionaire friends and to government unions.

    Republicans would send the money into the private sector, where they don't waste $550 million on worthless solar panels .

  7. witless,
    Your understanding of reality is truly mind boggling.

  8. Jerry Critter,

    Explain in detail exactly what I have wrong . I need a good laugh .

    The CLASS act is a great example of Obama accounting. But after playing with the numbers even Obama's numbers fairies could not make 2 plus 2 equal 12 . So Obama pulled the plug. And yet some liberals think Obama did not try hard enough to make it work.