Friday, October 1, 2010

Which Is It?

The republicans say they will reduce the size of government and the size of the deficit.  Yet, republicans are responsible for the majority of the debt and the majority of the government growth.  That means that either:
  • The republicans are lying.
  • The republicans are inept at governing.
Take you pick.  Either way, lying or inept, do you really want them in power again?


  1. I pick.... lying? Hmmm.... stupidity? Hmmm... Nah, I won't pick either! Caffeine please!

  2. Lying AND inept, and, NEVER AGAIN!

  3. Hi Jittery. Thanks for stopping by. Coffee sounds good about now.

  4. yup, inept liars they are...

  5. How do they expect to reduce the deficit without the income (taxes) to pay it down? Their plans have been nothing but cut taxes. But if that doesn't work then they'll just cut taxes.