Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Where Is Heaven?

Maybe heaven is created by the mind of others.  We live in heaven through the remembrances and dreams of our loved ones. 


  1. We all have recent losses of one kind of another. Thanks for asking.

  2. (hugs) if you had a recent loss. (more hugs).

    I'm am Agnostic.. so it is a Wait and Find Out for me..

    Death is going to come either way; so might as well look forward to the surprise of what it is.. and fear it not at all.

  3. I've seen the place in that painting! One morning I woke feeling a weight on my chest of about 15 lbs. I looked up & saw my dog staring at me. I said confused, "Hey Lady what are you doing in here?" (she had been outdoors). Then I looked behind her & there was a very green grassy field. I thought "what the...?" she sat a minute or so then sort of pushed off of me and she ran towards the field as if she was being called or knew she needed to go. Then it faded & I was sitting up in my bed confused but peaceful. My mom walked in crying & I said, "I know, I already know". My mom looked confused like I must be talking about something else, & she told me my dog has passed on last night or that morning.