Monday, October 4, 2010

We Don't Need No Stinking Government Services

Here is what Teabagger (republican) rule will get you.  What you didn't pay?  Well, tough shit!  Got any marshmallows?


  1. Good one. You could do a whole series of these. I'd like to stuff some marshmellows down their throats.

  2. I used to think these people were just delusional and wanted services without paying for them, thus our 14 trillion dollar debt. But, it's clear they do not want government services, which will be the downfall of America. The same mistake the Romans made.

  3. This is amazing..

    How anyone could stand there and let a house burn down; even after the homeowner begged and said he/she would pay the $75.00.


    I was talking with my 14 year old son friend yesterday. His friends all like me because I always feed

    Okay.. he, the friend, stated there will always be war because people are hooked on guns, etc.. there could never be World Peace.

    I told him just to spread the idea of Peace to those near you..and why not envision Peace and Love, etc.

    He just joined the Rotc club at h.s. and has a military hair cut when he showed up at my house.. his mom's idea for him to join. Good thing my son, G., knows to not join such a club.

    I'm in Republican land in this part of NYC. lol.Good thing I'm in Manhattan a few days a week.

    I do have to say one thing; the Republicans neighbors are actually really nice people and parents; they are just brain washed..

  4. There's more to this story but as rotten as this may sound Jerry, if the owner of the house was a tea bagger type who didn't pay the damn $75 because he was a government hating shithead I really don't have alot of sympathy here.

  5. This is not as isolated as some may think. Sometimes small towns equals small minds. I did say sometimes.
    Of course I have a personal story to tell about something like this.

  6. it will be like waiting for that MRI or heart surgery. I know that only happens in other countries.