Monday, September 6, 2010

The Rich And Powerful Are Held To A Different Standard

I picked up this video of David Vitter over at TMP.

Just another fine "family value" republican running for reelection.


  1. I am shocked, utterly shocked I tell you that a law maker is a law breaker.
    Do the crime.
    Do the time.
    I must admit I really like his wife"s leopard skin dress that she wore at the press conference.
    Not only is he playing a role as a law maker.
    I think he was also doing some role playing in his own bedroom. :-)

  2. And he's leading in the polls. WTF?

  3. It is high time Louisiana voters flush this dishonest turd away.

  4. Vitter is such a loser, I hate to put him in the same league as the other Republican do nothings.

    What tnlib said! WTF???

  5. I guess cathousing around is part of that good ol' boy red state thing.

  6. The sort of people who support this guy are the same one who dispute Mr. Obama's citizenship and religion.

    You cannot reason with crackpots and mornons. Period.

    If the people want this sort of person to represent them, there's a reason--he's one of them.

  7. Shaw, the truth of your words saddens me.