Monday, September 20, 2010

The Republican National Debt

I picked this figure up over at Tim's Scared Stiff.

Over 40% of the national debt is due to Bush and over 65% due to Republicans.  Obama is doing pretty well himself, but he is coming off of Bush's extraordinary deficit spending and destruction of the economy so it will take some time to turn things around.

And the republicans want to add close to another trillion dollars to the debt by extending the tax cuts for the top 2% earners.



  1. UGH!! you can show them a thousand charts and they will never have answers that make sense, they will never admit their party is economically illiterate! (I hope that's a real phrase!)

  2. Actually Jerry, I found that graphs, and the inherent logic of facts, does wonders for keeping the conservative trolls away from your blog...

    They are all for values and principles....not facts and logic.

    That is what is meant by "Libtards" we are retarded because we are always trying to get to the truth...

    They on the other hand don't have that condition!

  3. At best they "cherry pick" data, but generally they ignore it and try to use "common sense", which is often not common and makes no sense.

  4. The greatest myths of our time are that Republicans can better manage the economy and that the wealthy, if given enough extra money, will create good paying jobs for workers and will take care of the poor. Those are nothing but big conservative (Republican) LIES!

  5. What the charts do not take into account is that the majority of Obama's share of the debt was pre programmed before he ever took office. The rest was mostly attempts to sane the nation from the effects of Republicn rule.

  6. Heh heh heh Don't confus-e-late me with facts! Me and Dick Cheney was taking the battle to the Tear-Oh-Wrists-sss!