Thursday, September 2, 2010


Here is an amazing poll from the LA Times in 1963.  It is from Lawyers, Guns & Money.  I found it via Applesauce.

For me, 1963 is not that long ago.  I graduated from high school in 1963.  I am flabbergasted that so many people had that opinion.  

But wait, we seeing the same type of thing today.  The hate and prejudice is still there.  We have just changed the targets. 

Have we grown as a people?  No, I don't think so.


  1. Interesting. I was so wrapped up in The Movement that I wasn't paying any attention to polls. Still don't but what's interesting is that despite those numbers - 77% - segregation came to an end. Do, I guess what I'm really and truly saying is eff the polls.

  2. Ever see the movie [Bullworth] with Warren Beatty?
    Youtube has a few clips of it.

    It all depends on how one defines segregation. Giving some one food stamps and a block of cheese. Not giving them a proper education, or job centers. Not giving them the opportunity to get out of the projects. Keeping them hooked on crime, and drugs. Allowing our MSM to constantly keep the 'white" man afraid of the "black" man.
    All these are tell tale sign of segregation.

  3. Being also from that era, I would say, it feels even worse. Segregation came to an end, begrudgingly, but the underlying evil of it is festering right now. I have no doubt that there are many citizens in this country that would round up every brown, black, and yellow person and exterminate them...if they had the opportunity. This is why I think the blind adulation for prevaricators and charlatans (Beck, Bachmann, Palin, et al) is extremely dangerous.


  5. I hate polls too and don't trust them one bit. Our country is so racist and it's the rightwing who claims it's not, even tho they are the perpetrators. The righties have found their Messiah in a rodeo clown. Sure shows their mentality.

  6. Thanks for posting this, Jerry. Substitute "Muslim" or "Mexican" for the word "Negro" and similar results would be found today, I am sure.

  7. Jerry, I graduated in 1966, but in 1963, I took a couple trips south during vacations to demonstrate for civil rights and remember the ugliness well. It has always been with us, but the Republican Party has made racism respectable again, allowing warped bigots to crawl out from under their sheets and hoods.

  8. my spiritual group in Manhattan.. it is Beautiful.

    Friday we had a guest speaker.. she was a 60 year old woman who dressed like a man (she has a creative business in the city and female partner); and during the break.. another member was talking to her. A jewish woman dressed in traditional jewish clothes.. engaged in a deep conversation.

    It was a beautiful sight to behold.. but not uncommon in this group.

    We have all races; religion backgrounds; national.. from millionaires; to just people out of work..

    No prejudice in this room.. at least I don't feel any at all..

    Everyone dresses so differently.. from high fashion; to all in black; to colorful clothing.. and heterosexuals and homosexuals.. all together.

    This is why I LOVE MANHATTAN... !!!!

    Gosh 1963.. I was 2 years old..

    No wonder my dear friend who is black and 60s says sometimes she still think others might be prejudice around her. (she was born in 1952.. and grew up with all that and it probably lingers on .. those feelings).

    Thanks for bringing this up.. it makes me even happier I'm living here in NYC.. and we are truly the Melted Pot as they say.

    It is beautiful all the skin tones.. ranging from the milky white of the irish/scottish to the darkest colors of people that have moved here from Africa.. Beautiful..!!!

  9. Ms Hen,
    Just think how far ahead we all would be if more people thought the way you do. Instead we have a political party that is using hate, fear, and racism to further their power at the expense of all of us.

  10. In 1963 I wasn't born. That didn't happen for another 8 years. I do agree "the Republican Party has made racism respectable again". It's really sad that they're getting away with it.

  11. Considering all the shit blacks have endured and still do that we never talk about how scared they are of whites.

    On the whole, one has to admire the restraint of Black people. I've gone apeshit when I or one of my kids especially was treated unfairly. Being treated unfairly is a way of life for most Blacks. If I were black I'd be a militant mother fucker. I'd be scared as hell. But Id' be militant.

  12. I don't think so either JC. 13 in 63 and the bigotry was amazing in the cornfield not to mention how holy all were and today they're even closer to the invisible non-existent sky being.