Thursday, September 23, 2010

Money Is More Important Than Kids

From the LA Times:

Children face an unfortunate side effect of health reform

Anthem Blue Cross and Aetna have announced that they will no longer "offer individual policies in California to any children who don't already have coverage."  This is in response to the requirement that health insurance companies may not deny individual policies to children with preexisting conditions.

Rather than comply with the law, they will stop offering individual policies for children -- all children.

Money, or better yet, profits, are more important to these insurance companies that the health care of our children.  

Tell me again why we don't need health care regulations?

Tell me again why we don't need a public, government run health care option?

Tell me again why we don't need Medicare For All?

Tell me again why we allow these parasitic health insurance companies to exist?

Tell me again.

 And the LA Times calls it UNFORTUNATE.  Unfortunate my ass. I call it CRIMINAL!


  1. JC:
    Please do not tell me that you are shocked and awed by this revelation.
    Just as these bastards have upped the premiums on people. They are now excluding children and who ever else they want.
    This was a go along to get along health care reform.
    Medi-Care for all was the only solution. But it was never on the Big O's plate. Nor was it on the dems plate.
    I do not want to hear any of this nonsense that this was better than nothing.
    Health Care belongs on Main St. NOT Wall St.


  3. It is criminal, Jerry...nothing but. But they are criminals.

    RZ, I am not shocked at all...these bastards have people working full-time, FULL-TIME, to find ways to deny claims...why would they NOT find ways to weasel out of the so-called reform. And you can be sure that they are pumping money to pols who support dumping what pitiful health care reform that we do have.

  4. Have you guys seen this??????

    You can fast forward it to about the 2 minute mark.

    Why are the effen dems not all over this 24/7??????????
    Yes our business is an S Corp. but me and my wife can not afford HC. Now we will be losing our house. This country is effen insane.

  5. This is not shock and awe but a confirmation of their agenda. Proof positive of what they are all about. Somehow someway we have to take it further.
    Single payer. Yes I said it.
    As far as these low life insurance Company's go, we need the Attorney General to go after them with everything he has. Sue them into nonexistence. I'm sure we can find a way to punish the hell out of them.

  6. This company is pure scum. Has been for a long time but from what I've seen it is almost a monopoly. The people are slaves to their network and have nowhere else to go. Another republican lie about "competition." They don't want it. They miss the days of Rockefeller and Standard Oil.

  7. But, But, But...what happens to all those coins in the glass jar at our local convenience store seeking donations for kids with terminal illnesses?

    Doesn't that show compassion?

    What about our prayers?

    Thats the trouble with liberals....never satisfied!

    I couldn't resist! :)

  8. I'm with you, Jerry---CRIMINAL is the perfect word. This policy is every bit as discriminatory as refusing to wait on minorities at a lunch counter. It should be challenged as such in court, and PRONTO!

  9. Before it ever passed, I said that the insurance company lawyers were digging for loop holes and would find them, so I'm not surprised. I supported this in the ebd only because some reform is better than no reform at all. I still support universal single payer health care, of which medicare for all is a perfect example.

  10. It's criminal and also heartbreaking! If I had a child with cancer I don't know how I would stop myself from murder. That may sound extreme but a mother will stop at nothing to save her childs life! Jerry I must put this picture and caption on my sidebar, I hope all the liberal blogs would do the same...

  11. I blogged on this the other day and followed up with Huckabee's insane comparison of a burned down house to adults with pre-existing conditions.

    Cancelling babies' and children's health insurance because of pre-existing conditions is criminal.

    I did not hear one word from any of the right to lifers on this outrage. Especially from the Quitter from Alaska, who is usually the first one to shoot off her uneducated mouth on these issues.

    She was silent as was the usual gang of rightwing bloggers on this.

  12. TomCat...they didn't have to look for was the health insurance attorneys and lobbyists who wrote the bill!

  13. And the republicans want LESS regulation so that MORE corporations can get rid of more unprofitable men, women, AND children.

  14. Tao right on the $ as always.The insurance industry wrote the bill,Obama delivered it.

    Obama's not stupid,he's not weak.The president is a politician. If sick people and working people had lobbyists with millions we'd have single payer. We don't so the prez went with his new base.

    Democrats will continue to deliver corporate-friendly Republican policy until we quit voting the MF's into office. Simple as that.

    Until then there's no reason for them to change.And no, I don't support Palin. Criticism of Democrats does not imply stupidity, just realism.

    I don't have an answer, but I know whatever the answer is the Democratic Party as currently constituted ain't it.

  15. This is the compassionate America we will have if Republicans have majority again. These are the kind of stories we have been reading for to long, since the Republicans have had majority.

  16. ..depressing to read. Senselessly cruel..