Friday, October 30, 2009

Sorry, But That's the Truth

Two great points made by Betmo over at The Siren Chronicles.

One: "...why we continue to lose so many soldiers in iraq and afghanistan. um- we lose soldiers because we invaded their countries and they are trying to expel us. it really is that simple. they don’t like us because we invaded their country and blew it to smithereens with dirty bombs; allowed genocide; and allowed looting of national treasures. oh, and our private, war profiteering contractors stole their money, raped their women and murdered their relatives. does that about cover it? why are we still there? very simple- it has nothing to do with taliban or al quaida- and everything to do with war profiteering, oil profiteering and the opium trade."

Two: "as for the health care debacle- i mean debate- there isn’t one. it’s just a matter of how sweet a deal the congress critters and other pols can make with big insurance, big pharma and the ama. and, yes, it really is that simple. these ‘americans’ don’t give a rat’s ass about the rest of us"

It all comes down to MONEY and their own ASS. If you think they care about us, you are stupid.

Sorry, but that's the truth!


  1. Its true what they say about the war. No one will admit to it or even come close to saying those things! I believe it though..

    as for HC reform, I believe the dems DO care about the people. We're the care'ers remember!

  2. Yes.. it is the truth.

    You said it simple and blunt.... and not trying to whitewash it.