Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Goldman Sachs Obsenity

I guess the financial crisis is over for Goldman Sachs. They just awarded 23 BILLION dollars in bonuses. 23 billion dollars is a lot of dollars. How much you ask?

It could have paid for 460,000 full paying students to Harvard University for one year.

It could have paid health insurance for an American family 1.7 million times.

If you lived for 100 years, you could spend $230,000,000 every year of your life, or over $630,000 PER DAY for your entire life, or over $26,200 EVERY HOUR of your life, or about $437 every MINUTE of your life, or about $7.29 PER SECOND for your entire life.

I think we all understand how much 7 dollars is. Just think getting 7 dollars every second. It has taken me about 10 minutes to put this post together. 10 minutes is 600 seconds. I would have just made 4,200 dollars (actually closer to 4,370) -- just about the average monthly family income in the US.

$23 billion over 10 years is 230 billion or about ONE QUARTER of the cost of health care reform. And that is just the bonuses for this year, for ONE year, from ONE company.

And they say we can't afford universal health care???


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