Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blankets -- The New Sleep Aid

As you may know (or maybe not, or maybe suspect), my dogs sleep with me. Not actually on the bed, but on the rug around the bed. They are quiet, don't snore, and don't bother me until it is time to get up in the morning.

Friday we had the carpets cleaned. The cleaner did the bedroom. The dogs had left their "mark" on the carpeting. No, they did not pee on it, just oils from their hair. If you looked close, you could see their favorite spots.

When it came bedtime, the carpet was still damp so I put down their blankets that I normally use when they have to stay in the kitchen on the tile floor. Low and behold, they did not get me up until 730 am, a full hour later than normal. Hmmmm, I thought.

Last night, down went the blankets again.

This morning, up at 730 again.

I think I may have found a way to get an extra hour of sleep each night.


  1. thats cute!! I don't have a dog, I know alot of my friends here say I need one but no I do not thank you! lol. Dogs are like 3 yr olds and I have my hands full with a 2 yr old at the moment, I'm too old for more work!

  2. Hi Sue. I think our dogs are replacements for our children who are grown and on the own...well, except for helping out with the grandchildren and...

  3. Peace and quiet until 7:30 is a good thing.

    Garry has to get up at 6:30 Am for school.. when I was young middle school did not start until 9 am and was a block from home.

    It is insane to get up while still dark in the winter.. things have changed.. the bus comes at 6:55 AM and he is home by 2:12 PM..

    I hope the grandchildren are doing well..


  4. I don't mind getting up long as it is light out. I do not like getting up when it is dark. It doesn't seem like morning.

  5. me too. I like it to be Daylight when I rise..

  6. Oh, that's funny, Jerry! Ginger and Niki got their way, finally. But what took you so long? ;)

    Aggie has two beds in our bedroom, one on each side of the bed, so he can choose (yes, sir). But his favorite things is to sleep ON the bed, of course, right next to me. My husband is not too keen on that arrangement (go figure), so it does not happen often, only when I take a nap (and lift the beast on the bed, as he can no longer jump himself).

    Right now he is mumbling something to himself under the desk... He can be quite outspoken. I guess that's the beagle part in him. :)

  7. Elizabeth,
    Some of us are just slow learners.:)