Thursday, April 23, 2009

Terrorism Works, Torture - Not So Much

Terrorism works. That's right. Want proof? Do you know who this man is?

That Dick Cheney, our former vice president.

The purpose of terrorism is to force the object of the terrorism to change their behavior. That is exactly what 9/11 did to the United States. Prior to 9/11 we supported the international ban on torture. Following 9/11 we gave that up. It became a matter of policy that we torture people and one of the biggest proponents of torture was Dick Cheney. He still supports it.

Documents just released over the past couple of days show that torture was approved at the highest levels of government. It became US policy to torture people. I understand that people get carried away at times, and may do inappropriate things to try to get information out of prisoners. But this was not the case. The government approved and, dare I say encouraged, torture. And it appears that it may have been to get false confessions that could be used to tie Al-Queda to Iraq for a justification for the war.

Terrorism changed our behavior. It brought us down to the level of the other terrorists.

And there are people saying that these people, the ones who set this policy, should not be even investigated?



  1. Becareful Jerry he might just shoot you in the face.

  2. Not to worry. He only shoots his friends in the face.

  3. It's amazing how most people miss this point entirely. I think they get so caught up on retribution and a sense of "safety" that can never really exist.

  4. I'm with you on this one, Jerry. That sudden urge to forgive and forget is very troublesome, IMO.

  5. The urge to forgive and forget may be very self-serving. It is kind of like rival gangs agreeing not to have an all out war. An occasional killing is OK, but not war. I won't go all out after you, if you won't go all out after me. Just pick off an occasional lowing laying (or lying) fruit to keep the masses happy.

  6. That's how politics works, doesn't it. Low l(a)ying fruit is perfect, it does not upset the apple cart.