Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How's Your BCM?

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending all day at the car dealership. But let me back up.

Sunday, I went out to the car to go someplace. Tried to open the doors with the remote and all that happened was the horn starting beeping. I pushed the button a few more times and the beeping stopped, but the doors still would not open. Had to use the key, like in the old days.

Went to start the car, and while it would turn over very good, the engine would not start. It sounded like it was out of gas, but I knew there was at least a half tank. Looked like it would have to be towed for service. Monday was out of the question, so I set up a tow and a service appointment for Tuesday, yesterday. The dealership is about 2o miles away and while dealerships are not the greatest places to get servicing (high prices), this seemed like a problem best done there.

Yesterday morning the tow truck came by. The driver checked out everything and said that I was out of gas. He said lets put some gas in and see what happens. I said go for it. Well, after running the battery down and hooking up his jumper cables, he got the car started -- and then the gas gauge showed over half a tank of gas. "Guess it wasn't the gas" said the driver.

So I was able drive the car to the dealership instead of having it towed. They looked it over and said it was a bad battery. Low voltage was causing the car computer to mess up. They put in a new battery and then said that there was something wrong with the air bags.

"How long has your air bag warning light be on?", he said.

"Never" I said.

"Oh, we better check a little further".

Turns out the BCM was having problems. Body Control Module. Sounds like part of a space craft. This is the computer that controls the car functions when the engine is not running, like doors and start up functions.

So, I have a new battery and a new BCM and the dealership is $800 richer.

I got there at 8 am and left at 4 pm. That was my day.

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