Sunday, April 19, 2009

Have You Wondered Why?

I was watching an ad on TV for a cell phone, an iPhone wannabe. The ad was all about the things that the phone could do that had nothing to do with being a phone. And it started me thinking...

Why have cell phones turned into hand-held computers. Why didn't laptop computers continue to shrink down to hand-held devices that could make phone calls? Top end cell phones today are basically small computers on which you can also make phone calls. Why did phone grow into computers, instead of computers shrinking into phones?

I have no idea.


  1. I think because alot of what laptops do is not really needed. The main functions people want are calenders contact lists and basic internet stuff, so shrinking a laptop might be overkill. My theory anyway.

  2. Here's my theory for what it's...

    Phone companies make money off of the service not the devices they sell. For a phone company to make more money as landlines become obsolete, they need phones that offer more bells and whistles that they can charge more for in the name of service plans.

  3. Well, once upon a time I had a PalmPilot and a phone. I needed the PalmPilot so I could sync my handheld calendar with my (accurate) PC calendar, and my phone so I could, like, make calls.

    Then I got a phone - PalmPilot combo, and now I swear by it.