Saturday, April 18, 2009

Brace Yourself

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my wife falling off a chair and injuring herself. Yesterday we went back to the doctor. He took off the cast and took another x-ray. Again it was inconclusive. There were a couple of things on the film that might indicate a break, but he was not sure. He poked and prodded her wrist looking for sore spots. He found a couple right where the things on the x-ray were, so just to be careful, he wanted to put another cast on. She talked him out of the cast. He said OK as long as she wears a heavy duty brace and only takes the brace off for showering. So, she is happy to have the cast off, but is kind of bummed about having to wear the brace.

We go back to him again in another two weeks.

The brace is kind of a story in itself. When he said "a brace", I was thinking of the kind that you see people wearing on their wrists all the time. They are usually brown like this one. I think you can buy them at any local drugstore for about $30. Boy was I wrong.

He wrote a prescription for the brace and sent us to an Orthotic & Prosthetic Services company. Their "drugstore" brace costs almost $400. Of course it is gray, not brown and they will bill our insurance for it.

I guess gray cost a lot more.

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