Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thanks, Republicans

Listened to the bad economic news today. High inflation, etc. Thanks, republicans (you don't deserve a capital r). Starting with Reagan, you have destroyed the US economy and the middle class along with it.

You must feel proud. Mothers cannot even buy back to school stuff for their kids or put food on the table. I hope the rich ($5 million/yr plus according to McCain - and he is one of them) must feel good. BASTARDS

Why would an ordinary person vote republican? Don't they think? I'm sorry. I don't understand it.

On the lighter side of things, I had a good hike today. Glad the heart is still beating. Sometimes I wonder...


  1. A good walk always puts everything in perspective. :)

    I'm voting for Obama... but I sometimes wonder ...how did these 2 wind up being the last 2.

    I must admit I feel a bit uncomfortable with the fact Obama does not put his hand on chest when the pledging to the Flag. Do you know why?

  2. betty ann,

    I don't know his reasons, but...

    You have hit two of my pet peeves (I will probably have to write about them sometime) in one sentence -- good shot.
    1. The pledge of allegiance (and singing the star spangled banner
    2. Choosing a candidate based on a non-issue (see item 1)

    I'm not big on pledges of allegiances. Nationalism has been a big cause of pain and suffering (maybe second only to religion) in the world.

    When you choose your leaders based on non-issues (where his hand is, flag pins, gay marriage, etc), you end up with leaders like Bush.

    I will vote for Obama because at least he is talking about a new direction. McCain is more of the same.

  3. jerry,

    you seem very interesting... I look forward to reading more blogs that you get from the conversations in your head out into the technological world :-)

    and very interesting pic too.... had to smirk a bit.... my 4 year old said "WHATS THAT!?!?!"

    for my two cents....

    I caucused for Barack in this lovely state of Iowa. I will vote for him in the upcoming election. I have my reasons but I do concur with your's as well.... a new direction is needed.... too bad it will take more years then we all have left on earth to "fix" all the damage done by greed and status in our beautiful land of the free....

    and on another note... I played again last night but managed to walk away with out injuring the thumb again! (yeah.... it's the beer... Nina was correct)

  4. mtgbis,

    I understand. I will do just about anything for a cold beer!