Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cool Kids

I have been put to shame. I was watching a program this evening on a local TV station honoring young kids who are active in their communities. The things these kids have accomplished is truly amazing.

I think back to when I was a teenager, oh so many years ago, and I can't imagine doing the things they are doing. A common thread ran though each of their stories -- they were happy putting a smile on someone's face. They were not doing it to make ...

Whoops. A brief interruption. I have to remove a baby lizard about 1 inch long from my kitchen. or for fame. They said they enjoyed seeing the recipients of their efforts smile. A smile! Made me want to cry.

Oh if we all could do things just to make others smile. What a much better world this would be.

It sure beats the hell out of shooting them!


  1. hey, thanks for making me SMILE... little lizard .. cute.. and unexpected.

  2. betty ann,

    Life is that way. It sometimes tosses unexpected things right in the middle.