Saturday, August 23, 2008


Biden - an outspoken and sometimes over spoken candidate. Overall, good for Obama. I like Biden. I hope he keeps speaking what's on his mind. Downside - part of the establishment, 30+ years in the senate.

What if Obama had picked a black man? Would they had any chance at being elected? I doubt it.

It makes me think of a recent comment by a friend (well, not really a friend, not in real life. Actually barely an internet acquaintance, but I think we could be friends if we ever met in real life). She said that most of her White Male Friends are going to vote for McCain. (Capitalization is hers) I interpret WMF as meaning they are voting for McCain because he is white, and not for Obama because he is black.

What is the problem with us WMs? Obama has a black father and a white mother. So, he is as white as he is black. Why is he called black? Why not grey? Why does it matter?

I guess we still have a lot of growth left to do both as individuals and as a society.

Too bad!

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  1. .....that is what I said to a friend.. why keep saying Black when his Dad was White..and does it matter?

    In the slave days you were Black unless you were only 1/8th Black Octogen (sp??)and then you were no longer a slave... (such horrific times)--if I remember my history correctly.