Saturday, February 4, 2012

Republicans Talk, Democrats Do

Once again, we have an example of republicans just talking and Democrats actually doing something.  Check out the figure below

This is a chart showing prosecutions for Medicare fraud.  Republicans are always talking about Medicare fraud.  But note, it is during the Democratic presidential terms when prosecution of Medicare fraud increases, during both Clinton and especially now during Obama.  Bush I and Bush II were relatively flat.

What a surprise.

Republicans talk, Democrats do. 


  1. A Picture (Graph) can say much more than words from Republicans.

  2. and some of us funky hippies...
    "Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do"

    ... sorry, couldn't resist... I will be good,now

  3. Medicare fraud? Republicans don't care about that. They're too busy worrying about the Real Problem: Voter Fraud, aka When Negroes Vote.

  4. Most of the voter fraud problem involves non-blacks. So the racism problem is yours, Tom.

  5. dmarks: Most of the voter fraud problem involves non-blacks.

    It involves hardly anyone, since it isn't a problem.

    But as far as Republicans go, yes, they want to prevent as many blacks as possible from voting.

    Regarding Medicare fraud, this is one of the reasons Republicans say we can't have single payer. Because the government can't stop the thieves from ripping Medicare off.

    I say, "Yes We Can"!

  6. Medicare Fraud isn't fraud to Republicons anything which involves rich people stealing from poor people is Right-Wing policy.

  7. But Republicans do too - consistently the wrong thing! :-)

  8. There is a real voter fraud problem. We've discussed this before, including ACORNs actual voter fraud crimes. The best solution is like in South Carolina. Makes it easy for anyone to get a voter ID.

    "But as far as Republicans go, yes, they want to prevent as many blacks as possible from voting."

    Typical imaginary claim.

  9. dmarks, you're the one imagining things. First of all, there is no voter fraud problem. A 2008 study by the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU titled, The Truth About Vote Fraud says, "the incidence of individual vote fraud—voting when you aren't eligible -- is virtually non-existent".

    And ACORN was found completely innocent of any wrongdoing regarding the fraudulently filled out forms some temporary workers it hired turned it.

    A 12/23/2009 NYT article says, "a new report on the community group Acorn by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service has found no evidence of fraudulent voting or of violations of federal financing rules by the group in the past five years".

    Also, my claim that Republicans wish to disenfranchise African-Americans is quite factual.

    A 9/10/2008 Newsweek article says, "The GOP is working to keep eligible African-Americans from voting in several states".

    The article correctly points out that Republicans "know... increased turnout in poor, black neighborhoods is good for Democrats". This is their SOLE motivation for pushing voter ID laws. Why else would they so aggressively attack a "problem" that is virtually non-existent? This is all about voter suppression.

  10. Acorn was convicted of no voter fraud crimes. Sorry dmarks, but I go with the actual authorities on these kinds of things.... the actual authorities who say Acorn is innocent.

    I reject "crimes" imagined by Right-wing conspiracy nuts and Republican partisans seeking to suppress the vote.

  11. Don't tell anyone in Chicago there is no voter fraud.

    As to Medicare/Medicaid fraud. It is still widespread and like illegal drugs, what they get is only a fraction of what they don't.

  12. I cannot use Apple anything. It may be the best, but alas, I shall not know.

  13. I can understand "cannot afford", but "cannot use"?

  14. Maybe there's more Medicare fraud to prosecute now, Jerry. According to a recent "60 Minutes" piece, Medicare fraud has now passed drug dealing as the #1 choice for organized crime in Southern Florida.............But, yes, absolutely, kudos to the Obama administration for hitting the bricks and nailing some of these guys....There, now if we could only figure out who in the Justice Department allowed those weapons to walk into Mexico.

  15. From all reports they either walked in on their own or someone in a very low position authorized it because Holder said he knew nothing about it and he wouldn't lie. After all he is the US Attorney General. He may be totally incompetent because he doesn't know what his agency is doing, but he does not lie.

    Maybe the Obama truth teams can get to the bottom of it.