Sunday, August 7, 2011


From The Immoral Minority


  1. Now if the, ahem, "suckee" was a tiny picture of one of the Koch brothers, then the cartoon would be perfect.

  2. Not to worry, Jerry, the Republicans have overplayed their hand (gee, what a surprise) and your guys will be back in power soon, probably next year.

  3. Then they won't have any more excuses for not getting the economy back on track and spending under control.

    Who am I kidding. They are politicians and mostly lawyers. They will have plenty of excuses.

    As one of my friends said. Lawyers are trained to argue, not to agree. His suggestion for improving Congress is to ban lawyers. Legal issues aside, it is probably not a bad idea!

  4. Jerry, have you seen the Lawrence O'Donnell episodes where he had Bruce Bartlett (former adviser to Reagan and Bush 1) on? The 2 guys basically agreed on everything. I guess that when you're not in power, you're pretty much free to do that. And Alan Simpson! - now that he's now longer a Republican Senator, he's hammering Grover Nordquist. I'm loving it!

  5. I read the Alan Simpson interview in Time Magazine. He sounded very rational...for a republican.

  6. Snort. Good cartoon.

    I saw the O'Donnell interview and it was fantastic. Alan Simpson has always been a diamond in the rough. Haven't always agreed with him but I like the way he says what's on his mind and the hell with all those silly pretensions.

    Here's an interesting article in the NY Times, if you haven't seen it.