Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Big Difference Between Democrats and Republicans -- Part 2

This post is too good not to repeat from Green Eagle.  Here it is in most of its entirety.

Ten years later:
Two trillion dollars wasted
five thousand dead American soldiers
Our country involved in two wars, where the possibility of winning has long vanished
One million "enemy" dead, the vast majority of them civilians
One country fractured, and now controlled by a variety of rerligious fanatics, the other one run by our hand-picked, 100% corrupt ex-oil executive


Six months later:
Cost: negligible
No dead Americans
We're out of there and the people can get on with their lives
Country about to be liberated from 40 years of vicious dictatorship
A good shot for a decent (by regional standards) government in the future


  1. "Cost negligible, no dead Americans" -- And no billion dollar kickbacks for Halliburton? What kind of newfangled commie plan is that?

  2. Not every conservative agreed with Bush's foreign policy, Jerry; George Will, Bob Novak (before he died), Pat Buchanan, Bill Buckley (before he died), and others had major issues with it. And I would also remind you that 29 Democratic Senators voted to give the neophyte, Mr. Bush, a blank check.......But, yes sir, you're right, George Bush was the architect and deserves to be criticized harshly.

  3. Good point mostly made very well. Pardon a quibble, but while $6 billion is negligible compared to what's been squandered on Iraq altogether and lost to incompetence and corruption in Afghanistan, it's still a lot of money in terms of how many teachers and firefighters it could keep on the job here. Or for how many longterm unemployed it could keep going for another year or two without a job.

    I supported the effort to oust Gadhafi and prevent a slaughter, but did so realizing how badly many here need the money it cost.