Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Big Difference Between Democrats And republicans

The debt limit deal clearly delineates the difference between republicans and Democrats.  As reported in the LA Times,
" ...each made clear their top priorities.

For Republicans, it was preventing any tax increase to upper-income families.

For Democrats, it was ensuring no cuts to Social Security, Medicaid and a handful of other programs that aid the elderly and the poor.
Remember this when you go to the polls in 2012!


  1. Republicans, Cut Spending

    Democrats, Increase Taxes

  2. What is really mind boggling about it is the Tehadists who don't have a pot to pis in or a window to throw it out of and they are defending the interests of those who will make them even poorer.

    Remember in the next elections, of course, but we are seeing already some signs of hope...like the Wisconsin recalls...people are not just having buyer's remorse, they are finally paying attention.


  3. Wrong, dkohl. There are no tax increases in the agreement.

  4. The only difference between the 2 parties is their public statements. Democrats say they want to protect Social Security, Medicare, the infrastructure, the safety net -- but when push comes to shove, they always "lose." Either they're all spineless and can't stand up to the Republicans, or they're only pretending to be on the public's side; they're just playing Good Cop to the Republicans' Bad Cop.

  5. ... and humans are supposed to be more civilized than animals???

    Those in politics are supposed to be humble servants? (what happened to that sentiment??)

    Humans are a sad lot.

    I like what Socrates stated: "An Unexamined Life is NOT worth Living"... do those who want to hurt others with their rhetoric able to sleep at night with an easy conscious. (sounds like they are unconscious).

  6. As you know, Jerry, I'm a moderate/independent, but I do agree with you and the rest of my progressive colleagues to this extent; the Republicans indeed HAVE gone off the deep-end. The fact that they won't even put revenues (even in the form of tax expenditures) on the table these days is disgusting. I'm telling you, Jerry, guys like Everett Dirksen, and even guys like Reagan (who raised taxes on numerous occasions), are probably spinning in their graves now.

  7. Sorry, Critter, I gotta disagree with you on this one. The real difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is that the Democrats are givers and the Republicans are takers. The problem is that the Republicans take from the people and the Democrats give the Republicans everything they want.

  8. The Dems are a fractious bunch for sure. That's what happens when you're thinking about the environmental, civil-rights, living-wage, health, etc. consequences of every decision, every purchase, every regulation. No wonder we can't get anything done. The Republicans have it much easier. It's all Mine, mine, mine.

  9. Ditto Murr. Couldn't have said it better myself. The only difference I might have is that there are certain Firebaggers who say me, me, me.

  10. As disappointing as today's Democrats sometimes are overall, and a few all the time, the differences between them and Republicans is broad and deep. Those who claim there's not a dime's worth of difference between the parties is either making a blanket condemnation based on episodic lapses or blowing smoke.

  11. The only difference between the 2 parties is their public statements. I too believe this.