Saturday, March 27, 2010

Republicans -- The New American Terrorists!

Republicans are the new American Terrorists.

Check out the two videos below.

GOP Racism

GOP Violence

Republicans -- The party of the New American Terrorists!


  1. They are the saboteurs of a civil society. We occupy other peoples lands, and denounce their insurgents. Yet, we tolerate home grown Confederate terrorism.
    The day will come when they will yearn for the Socialism that they fear so much.
    Most of these Fascists are one pay check from being home less.
    Think of what this country would look like if we did not have unemployment insurance.

  2. Great videos but they make me sick to my stomach. I don't know how this is going to end. It just seems to keep escalating.

  3. I also meant to say that the balcony needs to be cleared when people become disruptive.

  4. Jerry these videos make me ill too. The rightwing is a camp for domestic terrorism and they just laugh and poo poo it off as trivial shit. They are SCUM!!!

  5. My friend who is so sweet is a republican. She really thinks that we are going to become a Third World Nation if the health plan is put into effect.

    Whew... I adore her in personal aspects;.....and she loves people... but really believes all of this..

    My 26 year old son said the Republicans are being brainwashed by the people they listen to..

    I find it all confusing to be honest.

    I find it is best to just not think about politics and not watch the news.

    I'm not going to even listen when the few republicans I know talk about politics... change the topic,

  6. I meant to see if you posted about your eye surgery.. I hope you are feeling good... and seeing clearly .. (hugs)

  7. Let's see: hateful, ignorant, bigoted, violent... Yep, that would be the Good Ole Party.

  8. Welcome to Glennbeckistan.

  9. Thanks Jerry! I agree with tnLib though.