Thursday, March 18, 2010


Transparency International has published a list of the most corrupt nations in the world. They surveyed 180 nations. The number one nation, the best, least corrupt nation, is New Zealand. The US comes in at number 19, not too bad, sandwiched between Japan and the United Kingdom tied at 17, and Barbados at number 20.

At the bottom of the list at 180 is Somalia. Somalia is no surprise. It is the home of the ocean pirates and touted as having no effective government.

What I found interesting is number 179 and number 176, Afghanistan and Iraq. Wait! Aren't these the countries that we are supposed to be "bringing democracy to"? Aren't these the countries that we are saving from the death throes of dictatorship and religious fanaticism?

What the hell are we doing there?

What kind of example are we setting for the rest of the world?



  1. I don't think we give a hoot about bringing democracy to Afghanistan. All we care about, and all we need to care about, is bringing stability so that the instability won't rub off on us...

  2. I'm assuming they didn't survey anyone from the D.C. area.

  3. Jerry that is pathetic but heartbreaking for lost lives and their families. FOR WHAT is exactly right. I don't get it and it needs to end now!

  4. Were there any countries in Africa in the top 100? I wonder where they'd be if the collective we (tho not so much the US.. shocker) had not raped the continent for hundreds of years..

  5. If McConJob and Mooseolini had won in 2008, we'd be right down there with Iraq and Afghanistan.