Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Republican Unemployment Plan

First we had the republican health care plan:

Don't get sick.
If you do, die quickly.

Now we have the republican unemployment plan:

If you are unemployed,
Get off your fat ass and get a job.

This is thanks to Jon Kyl in response to Jim Bunning's hold on unemployment benefits.

Chris Hayes from The Nation says it best in the short video below from Countdown yesterday.

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Why are the republicans still a viable political party? But then again, maybe they no longer are.


  1. I have never in my life known such a dispassionate uncaring group of idiots as the Republicans. I am amazed that so many Americans love them.

  2. I actually hope it's not true, but the Republicans seem to be in their death throws.

  3. Keep waiting for the bottom.

  4. Jerry I can't figure out why the right are loved, I'm still hoping Americas eyes will open to the truth and I hope it's soon!

  5. Sadly it won't be until this November when we can see if the republicans are really in trouble. Polls are bullshit anymore. The questions are so slanted who knows what they're really saying. FOX and many other news venues are vast right wing propaganda outfits.

    I hope the republicans are done for generations but I just don't have lots of faith in a good portion of America's voters. 30% of them would vote for Hitler if he ran as a republican.

  6. They do not care who they hurt. It's agout getting power.

  7. Add this to the list:

    Republican plan if they fail in November:

    If we don't win,
    We'll blame Michael Steele and make an example of him.

  8. And then there is the Republican retirement plan:

    Grow old rich. Or else.

  9. And what's wrong with that? No one is asking people to go out and find a "career" at the drop of a hat. But there is no humiliation in taking on whatever gainful employment you might find while looking. Take a job you may not want, and keep looking. By paying people not to work, they will do just that. What the smiley faced, Utopian outlook on life liberals employ does not take into consideration, is that there is a large segment that have no intention of trying to get a job as long as the government pays them not to.

  10. Big Daddy - This is the mindset that is typical amongst people who most likely never had to want for shit there entire life. If for some reason you aren't, you clearly have forgotten.

    I know people who are unemployed and can't even get the undesirable job. My school is loaded with them and I'm one of them. However, I don't draw unemployment, but I don't begrudge anyone going that route, I at least put myself in that person's shoes before I make such a statemnt that blankets those that are in such a position. Mind you, I'm not saying there aren't free riders out there, but you made quite an assumption there.

    Perhaps you should rethink your statement.

  11. Big Daddy,
    You say, "...there is a large segment that have no intention of trying to get a job..."

    Let's see your reference(s) that support such a claim. Give me the numbers.

  12. It is like that phrase that Marie Antoinette stated.. when the poor did not have enough Bread.. well "Let them eat Cake". (History does state there is no evidence she actually uttered that.. )...but still. She was so obsessed with luxury and was oblivion to the poor.