Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What Is Your Insurance Worth?

On the front page of the LA Times today is an article about taxing executive health plans. It starts off talking about the CEO of TRW Automotive Holdings Corp, John Plant. His healthcare benefits last year, as well as special "executive medical" coverage are worth an additional $38,272 according to company filings.

There are a couple of statements in the article that I found very interesting. The first one is:

"Plant and his wife will be entitled to healthcare for life. TRW values that coverage at $1.4 million."

Not bad! I wish I had coverage that good. You probably do too. Now here come the kicker. The next sentence is:

"That's enough, it said in public filings, to provide him the same level of care he would have received under the National Health System in his native England."


You and I CAN get the same quality of health care as John Plant. We just have to move to England, England with their socialist health care that has been so berated by the wingnut republicians.

It is good enough for our executives, but not good enough for our citizens.


  1. Isn't it ridiculous. I will make the move if our country doesn't figure it out soon. This issue is that important.

  2. Right now I have wonderful coverage under my ex-husband... free dental and free eye care; and I don't have to go to a primary first to see a specialist.

    When I fell on the ice two years ago.. it was Totally FREE for the bridge and all the work he did(the post; the fittings; etc; and the removal of a root from a surgeon was just a very very low co-payment.

    Free glasses every two yeas and free eye exam too.

    I have so many doctors to chose from..

    Do I go to the doctors.. NO..thank goodness I have NO health issues.. just when I got hives one time; or fell that time; or an ear infection the other year.

    I don't know what happens if he retires; if I'm still covered.. I know if he remarries I'm not going to be covered.. but I don't worry about the future.