Monday, September 14, 2009

Are We Evolving?

Here is further evidence that we are a nation of wingnuts and asshats. According to a Gallup Poll last February, only 39% of Americans believe in evolution.

Less than half of us believe in evolution. No wonder there are crazies running around waving ridiculous signs and spouting off stupid slogans.

We are in trouble!

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  1. Jerry, my 13 year old son, is in 8th Grade. They are studying Evolution. A few students brought up Adam/Eve.. and the science teacher said this is a Science Class NOT a RELIGION CLASS.

    I did not make my 3 children go to Religious Instructions. In NYC, you leave school earlier on Wednesday to go to it. Most do go; and so the last hour is just the children who do not.

    My child, G. openly states he does not believe; but I am don't push or not push it on him. I let him know he has to find his own way.

    My two boys 25, and G. 13 state they are Atheists. I state I'm an Agnostic.

    I like staying on the FENCE. And honestly when you learn so much about The Bang Theory .. M Theory String Theory.. the Universe is pretty Magical and Beautiful.. but how did it all start.. ?? Amazing to wrap your mind it.

    There are Scientist who believe in Evolution and Religion. They feel it is all so amazing .. evolution.. that maybe God set it up that way (not the adam/eve) way.. and do believe in God (or Agnostic).

    My spirituality means we are all connected.. when you die .. you decompose.. and new life rises.. fruit trees for instance.. eating by others.. etc.. just the same chemicals going around and around... and StarDust falling on us..

    It is hard not to feel spiritual and connected to all in this world.. and be a real humane. And that means the BEST HEALTH COVERAGE FOR ALL.......we are OUR BROTHERS and SISTERS KEEPERS.. and the Republicans preach that but do they practice it??