Saturday, August 15, 2009

Do Democrats REALLY Want To Pass Health Care Reform?

I am beginning to wonder if Democrats really want to pass health care reform or are they just going through the motions to appease us. The Democrats are raking in the money from the health care industry just like the republicans. Maybe not quite are much, but still, very substantial amounts.

The reason I ask this question is because of the kind of response that the Democrats have come up with to all the republican lies. The republicans, to their credit, are out there and are very vocal about their opposition to any health care reform. The problem is that they are lying about it. They are making things up. They are trying, and succeeding, to scare people. They have no legitimate claims, so they make crap up and then yell it at the top of their lungs.

The Democratic response has been weak, at best. They have done little to refute the republican claims.

Here's what I think they should do. This is a response from Stonekettle Station to an extremely offensive comment made about our President.

I'm sitting in the Elmendorf base exchange food court.

Fox News is on the TV. I'm watching the President of the United States answer questions on healthcare reform at a townhall meeting.

An old man and his wife sit down across from me.

He's wearing a US Army retired hat.

He says loudly and with anger in his voice, "I wish to hell they wouldn't put this fucking nigger on TV."

I was standing before I even realized it. Face flushed, blood boiling. I honestly haven't been that offended in a long, long time.

I spoke very, very harshly. I told him to take that army hat off in as much as a racist asshole like him had no business wearing the symbol of America's freedom. Fuck him, fuck his wife, and fuck the horse they rode in on. They're entitled to their opinion, as noxious and dishonorable as it is. They are not entitled to express it in public among the men and women sworn to defend this country and sworn to obey the orders of that very President. Then I told them to get the fuck out. They did, sullenly, but they did - and it's a damned good thing because I was fully prepared to punch a 70 year old man directly in his bigoted mouth.

I'm sick of these bastards telling me that I should leave this country, that I'm not American enough, that my president isn't American enough. I'm tired of hearing these nasty sons of bitches call the President a traitor and me a traitor for voting for him. I'm tired of being told that freedom means only thinking and choosing exactly as they do. I'm sick and tired of these sorry bastards and their spoiled childish sour grapes attitude. America voted, Americans exercised their right to democracy, Americans choose Barack Obama as their president overwhelmingly, the Electoral Collage choose Barack Obama in a virtual landslide, and these petulant whining pricks just can't seem to understand that America is so very much more than their stinking racist vision. These idiots let Bush run roughshod over us for eight damned years and they cheered while he pissed on the Constitution and did everything in his power to destroy this country. I've had it with these small minded ignorant backward assed fucks and their version of patriotism, and I'm sick of having to apologize for them, and I'm tired of cleaning up their messes, and I've been pushed as far as I'm going.

And if they don't like it, they are welcome to pack a bag and leave.

From now on, I'm showing these racist assholes the door.

It is time for Democrats to show the racist asshole republicans the door!


  1. My, my, great minds indeed think alike! :)

    My sentiments exactly.

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