Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I keep telling myself, no more health care posts. These things are becoming repetitious, we go again.

I have come to the realization that many of the arguments that are being put forth against health care reform are really problems with the existing system that we have.

Death Panels -- got them now. Private health insurance companies make life and death decisions based on money all the time. How many people have died because they were denied coverage even when they have insurance.

Health Care Rationing -- got it now. Again, private health insurance companies ration health care all the time. Got a pre-existing condition? You can't get insurance. Out of a job? You lose your insurance. Got insurance -- and they refuse to cover a procedure recommended by your doctor. I call all of that rationing.

Government Run Program -- New Flash!!! We got them already. What do you think Medicare and the Veterans Adminstration are? Yup! Government run programs. And you know what? Participants rate the government programs HIGHER than participants of private health insurance rate theirs.

The purpose of health care reform is to fix the very problems that the opponents of health care reform are yelling about

So...shut the f.@(k up and let us get on with the job.


  1. You can bring this topic up repeatedly...

    I watched the Michael Movie Sicko about 3 times..

    He says all the same things..

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