Thursday, October 9, 2008

Margaret And Helen

I just came across this blog.

Margaret And Helen

Helen really nails it! She says it like it is in words that everyone can understand.


"To Senator McCain I say, with love in my heart, sit down and shut up. You’re beginning to look like an ass and your answers sound like a cross between Barnie Fife and Floyd the Barber."

You got to love it. She is 82 years old!


  1. Well that's just fabulous! You made my afternoon. Despite loving every word she's written there's a part of me hoping she really is who she says she is. It wouldn't be nearly as much fun if she wasn't.

  2. alecto,

    Unfortunately, that is the case with each blog these days. The internet does offer a lot of anonymity.

    Margaret and Helen wouldn't be as entertaining if the writer turned out to be an Obama staffer.