Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dining Out

It use to be that a very nice dinner out, like for a special occasion, would cost about $100. Now $100 barely covers a regular dinner out.

The painters are in the midst of painting the inside of our house, so it is "eating out" time for the next few days. Last night we went to a nice, but not very expensive French restaurant. The bill came to:

Split a salad $12
2 entrees $34
1 bottle Wine $27
1 Dessert $7
2 Coffee $6
Tax $7

Total before Tip $93

The previous night we had dinner for about half the price, but it was at a little, but terrific, Mexican place. Dinner was enchiladas and burritos. Total still came to almost $50.

It also appears that the number of diners is way down. Both of these places are normally busy on the weekends. This weekend they were not busy at all.

It is a very tough time for restaurants.


  1. Yeah, a couple of my favorite spots have been visibly suffering in terms of customers, even though they are relatively cheap.

  2. I hate it when you go out to the nice aka expensive restaurant to find the meal was just okay or even worse when you find yourself saying I could have cooked a better meal myself at home.

  3. I cook so much at home that I am deeply disappointed if the food is not exceptional. I can live with bad service (don't like it but I can deal) and I can understand the price increases but it needs to be something really special. I hope your kitchen is done soon!