Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tax Cut Obscenity

This is just Too Much. ( The source of the graphic below)

Let me put this is words.

Because of the Bush tax cuts in 2001 and 2003, the top 1% in income will receive an average tax cut of $66,384.  This tax cut is larger than the average income of $58,506 of the other 99% of the people.

That is an obscenity.

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  1. Garry has to read Animal Farm for school. So I got him the book and me I listened to it again on Audio book.

    It is the same in that story; the Pigs got richer and richer; and the rest poorer and poorer.

    I do not personally feel poorer but I know others do; so my heart goes out to them.

    If you get a chance read Animal Farm by George Orwell; I'm sure you did in the past; we all had to for school. I had to read in elementary; JHS; and then HS.. the way it worked out.. and reading it again just reminds of the 99% ..