Thursday, November 18, 2010

GOP Christmas Present To The Unemployed

The republicans are showing their true colors.  Today they blocked extension of unemployment benefits.  Merry Christmas unemployed.  The republicans don't give a shit about you.  They don't care if you lose your home, if you are homeless on Christmas, if your kids don't get any presents, if you can't feed your kids. if you can't pay your expenses.  They don't care about you at all.  They have just given you a big Fuck You.  How very Christian of them.

But if you are rich, don't worry.  They have your back.  They want to extend your tax cuts, tax cuts that will cost an average of $70 Billion dollars for each of the next 10 years.  That is more important than the $12.5 Billion dollars the unemployment extension would have cost.

Oh, and what about all their big talk about the economy.  Expenditures on unemployment benefits returns $1.63 to the economy for every dollar spent.  Making the Bush tax cuts permanent returns $0.31 for every dollar.

So much for fiscal responsibility.  They are willing to spend $70 Billion dollars for a return of $0.31 for each dollar, but not spend $12.5 Billion for a return of $1.63 for each dollar.

Can you feel the stupid coming out of the GOP?


  1. They will get theirs in the end. "Theirs" may not be what they expect, however. Great image.

  2. They just put another slit in their own throat.

  3. fuck those hypocrites. I sure hope you are right Leslie. It's all we have left to hope for, is the thugs get theirs in the end!

  4. Great minds, Jerry.

    Did Newt Gingrinch mastermind this?

  5. ..and what are the folks supposed to live on??

    Sounds like Marie Antoinette when she heard the poor people would not have bread; so she said they could eat cake?

    There will be chaos; more crime; etc out of desperation.

    Shame on the republicans.

  6. You guys might want to read this.

    This is from the far-far-left. LOL

  7. As the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, politics often becomes more polarized and more extreme until the poor rise up and smite the rich.

    History is full of such examples.

  8. These cold-hearted and ignorant Republicans make Scrooge seem like a kindly old Santa Claus by comparison!

  9. How dare you insult poor Scrooge with that comparison? ;-)

  10. Hello Jerry,
    Good posting and one that really hits home with me.

    I am an engineer that got laid off in October of last year. After 10 months and 100s of applications sent out all over a three state area, I finally found work at 1/3rd of the pay that I was making.

    This story is not unique to me. There were two other engineers laid off with me and the last one just got hired and will start Dec. 6th…..14 months later.

    If it were not for the Democrat majority voting for extensions in unemployment, the other two would have been homeless. Of course this was over the out cries of the Republicans because according to them, “We were just a bunch of lazy slackers sucking on the government tit!!!”

    I spoke with the wife of a man who has a Masters in Science and has had no interested parties replying to the many applications and resumes sent out for the last 16 months.

    I met a single mother who had a BS in Business Management who has been looking for over 2 years with nothing showing up as any prospects. This woman managed a law firms office and has over 20 years experience with 3 kids still at home. She has lost everything (home, unemployment benefits, medical insurance, and barely holding onto a use car) and is living with her mother.

    But again, according to the current Tea Bagger backed Republicans in congress now, they are all lazy, not looking for work, just sucking on the government so they don’t have to work. What a bunch of Ass Holes!!

    As I have made mention before, I am a Moderate Republican but there was not one Republican that I voted for this past elections. They are all a bunch of Ass Holes and do not represent any of my interest!! May they all rot in Hell soon.