Saturday, July 3, 2010

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Don't things look a little out of whack here.

Do you know what this is?

This is what the top five countries in the world spent on their military in 2009.

What are we doing? What? We couldn't find $30 billion for Afghanistan and so we had to stiff unemployed Americans so we could blowup Afghans? That's so fucked!


  1. It's hideously wrong for us to be in these endless wars. My thought are this... republicans are stifling job growth and making the poor class of Americans grow by leaps and bounds so voila, they have their endless supply of recruits! The unemployed poor kids will join the military to survive, but will they survive??? This country sucks!!! We use our young to fight wars, that's why we breed...

  2. Thanks for your comment at my place.

    Then I read your piece here and started crying all over again.

  3. Sorry, Utah. Sometimes it is easier to be a wingnut and not have to worry about the facts.

  4. I mean, sometime I think it would be easier to be a wingnut...

    I am not implying that you are a wingnut. :)

  5. Pretty lopsided I must say.

  6. We love blood in this country...other people's. And...we love martyrs...young men who die "defending freedom" against the boogieman du jour. It is deep in the American psyche, and against all reason...and I have no hope that it will ever change.

  7. It is disgusting to see how militaristic this country has become, from viral emails constantly popping up reminding us to support our troops, to seventh-innings stretches at major league baseball games devoted to praising our military in song, to country songs about supporting the military - we are inundated with the military. We are obsessed with it just as we are obsessed with profit, and, in my opiunion, both should be moderated tremendously.

  8. Nothing? The War Machine requires sacrifice mostly money but lots of blood too.

    And woe be to the mother of a son sacrificed who speaks out or the memory of a antiwar atheist dissident soldier killed for nothing...

    They are too be shunned and derided.