Thursday, April 8, 2010

Voters Don't Like Boners

Here is a table that I picked up over at Think Progress.

Before you jump on me for a bias poll, this is a Fox poll, so if it is bias, we know what direction it is bias in. A couple of things jump out at me. One, Obama and the IRS poll almost 40% higher than the Tea Party.

Also, Pelosi polls significantly higher, 140%, than Boehner. In fact, "The Boner" comes in with an approval rating of 12%.

So much for the "leader" of the Party of No.

Do you think it is the "tan"?


  1. Love it Jerry! The problem is the media. They continually play up the negative, like the HC mobs and the hate groups. The country really is smarter then what we are being told thru the media. This gives me hope for 2012! Thanks I needed this!

  2. This is too damn funny and I love it. I don't think Boehner's 12% has a thing to do with his tan but everything to do with not having anything under his toupee.

  3. I heard two versions of the FOX poll. On the news this morning they said that FOX had Obama at 36% approval. When I heard that it was FOX i just dismissed it.

  4. Jerry, You failed to include this closing caveat from this article:

    "Although the question wording is not exactly the same, the point is obvious. You can find roughly 4 in 10 Americans who will give a positive rating to just about anything in politics that they know little about."

    Add to that the fact that 97% of African Americans voted for Obama (for the most part) simply because he is black and you have the most powerful country in the world saddled with the most inexperienced and inept leader ever for four years.

  5. tnlib, "...everything to do with not having anything under his toupee." I fell out of my chair with that one.