Thursday, April 1, 2010

Health Care Arguments

h/t to Cosmic Navel Lint


  1. -----This message has been brought to you by--
    ----The Corporate States of America---
    And we approve of its content.------

    Pass the salt. And smoke em if you got em.

  2. Priceless..!!

    My republican girlfriends (two of them).. think that we are going to go downhill; because we won't be able to afford this type of health reform for all that are uninsured. They think doctors are also going to stop practicing and less doctors will go into the medical field.. and treatments will suffer for all...

    I don't say anything anymore. They are obviously listening to republican channels that tell them this.. like we are going to wind up a third world nation if Obama continues this route.

    I think they just are brainwashed.. so no talking politics with them at all.

    Thanks for posting this.. nice to hear the improvements being made to help all Americans.. it is the humane thing to do..

  3. How did this get in there?

  4. we gotta keep getting the message out Jerry! Thanks friend!

  5. You're welcome, Sue.

    I find it amazing that so many people, including many self-proclaimed Christians, would rather let nearly 45,000 people die per year than make health care insurance available to them.